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June 2021 Update

SOSR Is Now A Hyperice Retail Partner!
We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Hyperice to offer our patients high quality options for home care.  The Hyperice line of products is used by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike to recover faster and get back to what you love to do!  The other good news: as a retail partner, the prices you get from SOSR always match the prices and sales you would get by ordering directly through Hyperice, but you get to test out the product first in office.

Here is the full product line available now:

Hypervolt: This is a percussion tool and Hyperice’s flagship product.  You may have seen LeBron James and other NBA players using their Hypervolt on the sideline.  The perfect tool for maximizing your warm up or treating sore muscles and stiffness, featuring the QuietGlide technology.
Hypervolt GO: This is a more compact travel version of the Hypervolt percussion massager, which is lighter in the hand, but still delivers the power of the Hypervolt with the QuietGlide technology.
Vyper 2.0: Get more out of your foam rolling routine with the high intensity vibration built into this foam roller.  This is a great tool for endurance athletes, runners, or anyone who feels their foam rolling routine needs an extra boost.
Hypersphere and Hypersphere Mini: These high vibration massage balls are incredibly versatile in their uses.  Coming in two different sizes, these vibration balls can be used to pinpoint sore muscles, work wonders for feet or hands with neuropathy, and can help you get more out of your rehab exercises (especially for throwing athletes!).
Venom Wearable Therapy:  The Venom line are digitally connected wearable devices that combine heat and vibration to warm, loosen, and relax stiff muscles and joints.  Venom technology comes in back, shoulder, and leg.  These are the perfect home care for tendonitis and arthritis issues.


Stop by to try out one of these products!  And don’t forget to download the Hyperice Ap for great tips on athletic recovery and how to maximize the use of your product.